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Pattern Mixing 101

Andrea Estep

Posted on January 03 2020

Pattern Mixing 101

Pattern mixing is always a good thing! I understand that the idea of mixing patterns gives people hives, but it doesn't have to! 

If you're wanting to get into the world of mixing patterns, ease your way into it by mixing a small print with a large print. For example, your small print could be a leopard scarf, scrunchie, top, hair accessory or shoes and mixing it with a large print, stripes. Pro tip: both of these "prints" are neutrals and can be worn with pretty much anything you pair with them. 

I opt for black and white stripes because basically the color black is life for me paired with a subtle small printed leopard scarf tied to perfection. I added a black cardigan and a pair of brown, tan and gold earrings to help tie everything together. 

This is just one look of so many. The possibilities are seriously endless with this color/pattern combo. 

Do you mix patterns? Do you love this outfit idea? What are some of the prints that you've mixed and swear by? Sound off in the comments! 

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