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Shop Small, Support Small

Andrea Estep

Posted on October 30 2019

Shop Small, Support Small

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? 🎄 Omg, I know. It's not even Halloween. 👻 BUT we had some sweet ladies stop into the shop last week doing some Christmas shopping + it got us thinking how lovely it is to gift give from small businesses. When I do our shopping for family + friends, I like to gather little trinkets from other small businesses + gift them together. Not only does shopping small support the business you are buying from, it also supports the makers + artisans those small businesses buy from. Each gift is thoughtfully curated right in our community, purchased in our shop + gifted to the ones you love the most. 

Did you know, that EVERY gift item in our shop is from other WOMEN-owned small businesses?! Freaking cool, right? Talk about empowerment! We support other small businesses within our business EVERY single chance we get!! Charlee Rose, alone, supports over 30 local artisans. You can find items as small as toxin-free lip balms + scrubs to delicious smelling hand poured soy wax candles to delicate hammered gold jewelry to beautiful hand painted home decor. And the list goes on and on. We spend countless hours searching for the very best products to serve you with + the best products come from the very best artisans around. 

If that's not quite enough to get you shopping small this holiday season maybe these stats will, 
*Small Businesses employ 56.8 million Americans. That's 48 percent of the private workforce. WOW! 
*Supporting small businesses boosts your local economy with 68% of every dollar spent staying within the community. For reference, less than half of every dollar spent at a big box store stays in your community. 
*Shopping local is better for the environment. 59.3% of local businesses + makers occasionally or usually use recycled materials + 7% say they use recycled materials all the time. 

"Overall, buying local is a chance to support the growing Maker Movement, meet talented artisans and small business owners who take great pride in their work, experience handmade, one-of-a-kind and meaningful gifts and support your community."

Browse our gift selection of the website or stop in and check out all we have to offer. We would be so honored for you to shop small this holiday season and not only support our family but so many other families around the commonwealth and beyond. 

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