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What started as a dream...

Andrea Estep

Posted on October 17 2020

What started as a dream...

What started as a dream of owning a storefront in Downtown Harrisonburg has quickly come to fruition. I opened Charlee Rose in 2018 with just a few styles, an online/facebook shop + a single rack in my renovated garage. 

My goal was to just sell enough clothes every month to be able to continue staying home with my toddler + with my brand new baby. Fast forward 6 months when a friend reached out to me about a space coming available in the Agora Downtown market and I knew this was finally my chance to start putting into motion what I had always dreamed of having. 

My space was just over 200 square feet, so pretty much the same as what I was working out of in my garage. Perfect. I knew I could make this work and I had already established myself online so everything that came from the store would just be an added bonus. 

That bonus turned into more than I could have ever imagined. I have learned so much about myself during this journey. I have grown personally and professionally. I have had opportunities that I could only dream of having and it all started with an idea that I never gave up on. 

Today, my space has tripled, I have windows on Main Street, and I am still home part time with my girls watching them grow up. Life this year has been incredibly challenging and while we closed our doors for a little over 3 months because of the pandemic, we are still holding out strong as we continue to serve this amazing community. 

You are amazing and I am ever so grateful to you and your desire to spend your hard earned money in my little shop. 

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